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Sport-Tact Advanced
Multi-caliber Sniper Rifle

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Sport-Tact Advanced
Multi-caliber Sporting Rifle

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Accurate-Mag Products is the world’s largest producer of precision bolt action and sniper rifle components. All of our components are held to military grade specifications and are 100% made in America. Most of our work can be found in OEM components of Savage, Remington, Ruger and Colt rifles, so you probably have already experienced the quality of our product without even knowing it.


Accurate-Mag Products Precision center fire rifle cartridge magazines are based on current service configuration meeting all Mil-Spec and NATO Stanag requirements.

Bottom Metals

Accurate-Mag is pleased to announce a full line of bottom metal kits. Most bottom metal kit contains a set of over-sized screws, a set of pillars, an AM trigger guard and an AM magazine.


Accurate-Mag’s Chassis Systems have been designed and produced with high precision CAD/CAM programs and CNC machinery to high quality Military standards.


By combining the Sport-Tact chassis with some of the best and most well known barreled actions, with a few Accurate-Mag improvements, we have a created some of the most accurate, modular and cost effective rifle systems on the market.

RPA Imports

Accurate-Mag is proud to be an importer for the world renowned Rangemaster Precision Arms. The cornerstone of the RPA rifle is the Quadlock or Quadlite with their 4 lug bolt giving it a quick and effortless 45˚bolt throw.


Accurate-Mag accessories here.