Bottom Metals

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Accurate-Mag is pleased to announce a full line of bottom metal kits. Most bottom metal kits contain a set of over-sized screws, a set of pillars, an AM trigger guard and an AM magazine. In fact, AM holds more magazine and rifle component related contracts to major OEM rifle makers than any other company of its kind. All magazines and bottom metals are stocked for delivery at the warehouse so you never have to wait.

Accurate-Mag Products, magazines and bottom metal systems fit many OEM and custom rifle actions. AM is the only manufacturer that offers choices of magazine length to accommodate caliber to action considerations:

Mag Length Description Cartridge Action
3.050 DSSF Short Action .308, 300WSM, Others AI, REM, Custom
3.715 SSSF Traditional LA 338LM, 300WM, Others AI, REM700, Custom
3.775 SSSF REM only 338LM, 338CIP, 300WM REM700, Custom
3.850 SSSF, DSSF CIP Long Action 338CIP, 300WM, Wild Cat MCM, SAV-BA, Custom



Accurate-Mag is one of the worlds largest OEM magazine makers. AM is pleased to offer a full line of bottom metal kits. The short action trigger guard was made to M24 and M40 rifle specifications. It has enhanced features such as anodizing, enhanced trigger well, and a cast lever. The kit is compatible with many short actions including AI, Badger, Remington, and many others.

Short Action Bottom Metal Kit Includes:

  • Pillar Set
  • Screw Set (Over Sized)
  • AM Trigger Guard
  • AM Magazine (DS SF)
Item Cartridge Capacity Length
01200-0005-01 .308WIN 5 3.050
01200-0005-02 .300WSM 3 3.050
01200-0005-03 .308WIN 10 3.050
01200-0005-04 .300WSM 7 3.050
01200-0005-05 .223REM 10 3.050