• (3.850) Magazine Patent US8,322,063 The patented feed lip configuration allows the largest bolt to round overlap of any rifle cartridge magazine on the market.

    Hex head screws are designed for use with Remington bottom metals. These screws are manufactured with extra length and are designed to be ground down to the necessary length.
    • Front Screw, 1.25"
    • Rear Screw, 1.5"
  • Pillars

    Rifle bedding pillars made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Manufactured with extended length and designed to be ground to fit your rifle.
    • 1 inch, Front Pillar
    • 1.5 inch, Rear Pillar
  • The DS SF bottom metal kits are one of a kind, evolved for civilians from PSR contract technology.
  • The short action trigger guard was made to M24 and M40 rifle specifications. It has enhanced features such as anodizing, enhanced trigger well, and a cast lever.
  • The Accurate Mag Long Action Bottom metal Kit SSSF comes in 3.715, 3.775 & 3.850 Magazine lengths for 300Winchester Magnum and 338Lapua Magnum.
  • **CALL FOR PRICING** A high performance tactical rifle, with an effective range of up to 2,000m, manufactured from RPA's world beating products, designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The heart of the Rangemaster .50 is the RPA 4-lug Quadlock action renowned for unrivalled accuracy, durability and safety.
  • **CALL FOR PRICING** The heart of any rifle is the receiver. The Quadlock action embodies the pinnacle of accurate rifle design and is the foundation from which all our actions are based.
  • **CALL FOR PRICING** The RPA Trakker Sights are some of the most comprehensive and easy to use competition grade iron sights on the market. These sites are already in use by many civilian and military competition shooters.
  • **CALL FOR PRICING** RPA triggers are two-stage, as required by target shooters and preferred by the military. The operation is silky smooth with a predictable and consistent release point time after time. It is available in 0.5kg and 1.5kg pull weights. All models can be fitted with a safety and have an adjustable finger pull lever.
  • WARNING: These bottom metal kits are only for rifles with bolt release mechanisms on the side of the rifle action, not in the trigger guard. The Accurate-Mag bottom metal kit is Savages OEM premier direct drop in bottom metal kit that uses Accurate-Mag magazines. Designed and built by engineers at Accurate-Mag, it is built from 6061-T6 and anodized for a flat black finish. The bottom metals are designed for Accu-Stock rifles or can be inletted for a savage rifle stock.