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Accurate-Mag Products is the world’s largest producer of precision bolt action and sniper rifle components. All of our components are held to military grade specifications and are 100% made in America. Most of our work can be found in OEM components of Savage, Remington, Ruger and Colt rifles, so you probably have already experienced the quality of our product without even knowing it.

Accurate-Mag Products is a division of the B.M.L. Tool and Manufacturing Corporation in Monroe, CT. B.M.L Tool is a veteran owned small business with avid gun owners and shooters populating its workforce.

Since B.M.L. Tool was a premier tool and die shop before it joined the firearm industry, the obvious choice to enter the industry was through the metal formed magazine. After first offering just a few different magazine types, Accurate-Mag has since expanded its line to over 40 different magazine styles and calibers.

After starting a new CNC area, Accurate-Mag then started to make various bottom metal kits for Remington and Savage rifles to complement the magazines we had already been producing.

Accurate-Mag then realized that sniper rifles and precision rifle shooting was going the way of the assault rifle, moving from wooden a fiberglass stocks to machined modular chassis to improve their accuracy, modularity and functionality. So, we designed a chassis system that increases these qualities for existing bolt action rifles.

For people who wanted a complete rifle, Accurate-Mag didn’t just go out and buy a stock Remington or savage action and barrel. We worked with savage to create the first .300 and .338 Norma Magnum production rifle. And, all Remington 700 models will have barreled actions custom made from GA precision. These features coupled with the purpose built chassis system make Accurate-Mag’s rifles some of the most accurate, modular and cost effective rifle systems on the market.