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Accurate-Mag Products’ Precision center fire rifle cartridge magazines are based on current service configurations, meeting all Mil-Spec and NATO STANAG requirements. Our magazines fit all M24 & M40-type service rifles, as well as MK13 and NATO variants. AM Products is the proprietary manufacturer of magazines for the recently fielded M2010 sniper system.

Our hardened military quality is used commercially in Colt, Savage, Ruger and Remington precision bolt action rifles as the OEM choice.

Our diverse offering of caliber selection, cartridge length options and capacity; is the largest precision center fire rifle magazine selection in the world.

AM Products’ constant attention to quality, reliability, material and process selection creates a repetitive and time-tested product for a lifetime of reliability.


  • Our single-stack, single-feed magazines for the .300 Winchester Magnum are the perfect magazines for any shooter.
  • The .308/7.62 x 51 mm AM box magazine has been the choice for many OEM rifle manufacturers such as Remington Arms, Savage Arms, McMillan Rifles, and several others, as well as operators and practical shooters all around the world. This magazine has also been chosen by Ruger to be the OEM magazine for their extremely popular gunsite scout rifle.
  • The highly sought after magazines for the Sig SSG 3000 rifle are now available from Accurate-Mag. These are designed as direct replacements for the original magazines but with the added performance of the our Teflon finish.