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The latest addition to the SporT-Tact line is complete rifle systems. By combining the Sport-Tact chassis with some of the best and most well known barreled actions, with a few Accurate-Mag improvements, we have a created some of the most accurate, modular and cost effective rifle systems on the market.


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    AM40-A6 RPA

    The Quadlite action of the RPA features a unique ejection system that cams on the bolt release extracting any case condition, the four lug bolt and lock system provides a fast 45 degree bolt throw using a pilaster type bolt body with 360 degree contact.
  • Special Service Rifle

    The Special Service Rifle embodies all of the needed attributes for Sporting and Tactical long distance shooting with the NORMA Cartridge and rigid AM Products chassis at a feature to price point unparalleled in the precision rifle market. An excellent choice for LEO long range applications as well as an accurate long range hunting shot.
  • AM40-A6

    Accurized Remington 700 clone action with triggertech trigger, Stainless Barrel with threaded muzzle, 20MOA Picatinny receiver rail included. Guaranteed Sub MoA accuracy at 100M, using match ammo, rifle comes with test target.